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Transforming Lives and Communities

Crisis Housing Solutions secures 14-acre site for a modular housing factory & research center. The “Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville” is dedicated to significantly reducing housing construction costs, while addressing climate change and the lowering of energy costs too. The housing construction industry must radically change. Modular Innovation will play a major role in this much needed transformation.

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The Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville

Housing Factory of Innovation & Green Technology

The Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville is an ambitious project that has recently secured a 65-year lease on a remarkable 14-acre site nestled in Historic Eastside, strategically located at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida. Serving as both a modular housing factory and a cutting-edge research center, our initiative is driven by a strong emphasis on innovation, affordability, and green technology. Partnering with the esteemed University of Florida, and other to-be-announced universities and local colleges, the Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville stands as a beacon of hope and progress, addressing the pressing need for accessible and sustainable housing solutions.

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Homes to help stabilize neighborhoods. Foreclosed properties acquired, rehabbed to high-standards then sold to low-to-moderate income families through our Community Stabilization Initiative program.


Number of families receiving permanent housing solutions after losing their homes during hurricanes.


Families receiving assistance through our wide range of services, including… Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, Rental Assistance programs, First-time Homebuyer Program, Post-Disaster assistance and our Community Stabilization Initiative.

For over 18 years, Crisis Housing Solutions has been at the forefront of providing temporary and permanent housing support services in Florida. Whether you are seeking a new home or in need of assistance to prevent the loss of your current one, CHS offers a diverse range of programs tailored to help. With a steadfast commitment to addressing the challenges posed by natural, manmade, or economic disasters, our organization has been instrumental in transforming the lives of those who have been made homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

Our Programs

Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville
This groundbreaking project functions as a modular housing factory and research center, focusing on innovation, affordability, and green technology. In collaboration with the University of Florida, and other to-be-announced universities and local colleges, it aims to provide accessible and sustainable housing solutions.
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Post Disaster Housing
We’re revolutionizing temporary and permanent post-disaster housing through the use of repurposed shipping containers. By leveraging their versatility and durability, we create innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable living spaces for disaster-affected individuals and families. WHY?
  • – Communities affected by natural disasters must find ways to immediately house families who have lost their homes… keeping them in the community.
  • – Help government reduce housing costs while improving accessibility and quality of housing.
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Repurposed Shipping Containers for Disasters & Attainable Housing
Shipping containers are ideal for creating affordable and sustainable living spaces. Embracing them opens up a world of innovative design, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly solutions.
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Foreclosure Prevention
If you’re facing financial challenges and struggling with your mortgage, we’re here to help. Our team of HUD certified counselors will assess your situation and work with your lenders to find a payment plan that fits your finances.
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It’s sometimes easy to forget that there are nice people out there doing nice things for others. Thanks for being such a special reminder.
New Port Richey
A few years ago, I was forced to sell my home. Knowing I have my own place is the biggest relief in the world. I now feel secure about my future. I could not have done it without your help.
West Palm Beach
I would like to say thank you so much for all your help. You were one of those angels that God put on my way. I’m so grateful, because you helped me so much with your work to save my house. Never in my life will I forget you.
A few years ago, I was forced to sell my home. Knowing I have my own place is the biggest relief in the world. I now feel secure about my future. I could not have done it without your help.
West Palm Beach
Generosity has a grace all its own. Your heart is very giving…and mine is very grateful
Port St. Lucie

CHS in the Field

Publix, Dolphins Provide Grocery Spree
Publix, Dolphins Provide Grocery Spree
Nearly a dozen South Florida families, including CHS clients,  Kimberlie Cerdar and her daughter, Kealani were treated to a supermarket shopping spree  recently thanks to the Miami Dolphins, Publix and Neighbors 4 Neighbors.
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Our People
Our People
Community Stabilization Initiative program contractor, Edwin, hard at work creating a beautiful new kitchen in Tamarac.
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7 Essential Tips for VA Homebuyers
7 Essential Tips for VA Homebuyers
Veterans and military members understand the power of preparation better than most. That’s good news considering most home buyers still lack a solid grasp of what it takes today to land a home loan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping containers offer a compelling solution to address the pressing housing challenges in Florida. With an estimated one-third of residents considered housing cost-burdened, spending over 50% of their income on housing, the need for affordable options is undeniable. Across all Primary Market Areas, there is a substantial under-supply of affordable rental housing, while thousands of low-to-moderate income renters would greatly benefit from reduced costs. By repurposing shipping containers, we can unlock a transformative opportunity to bridge this gap, providing innovative and cost-effective housing solutions to alleviate the burden on individuals and families in need.

Advantages to building homes in a factory:

  • Time… Faster move-in
    • Can reduce the time to build a new home by up to 50%.
    • Never a rainy or snowy day in a factory.
    • Uniform and precise construction processes are utilized throughout the assembly line.
  • Reduced Construction Costs
    • Time is Money.
    • Reduction or elimination of subcontractors… Savings in overhead and management costs.
    • Standardized & Automated processes reduce costs.
    • Less waste in construction materials… no need for site dumpsters.  Factory materials are recycled.
    • Elimination of materials being stolen from construction sites.
    • Bulk Purchasing… Better pricing.  Materials can be shipped by rail and stored in modular factory.
  • Greater Design Flexibility… Allows for INNOVATION
  • Durability
    • Must meet the highest quality and safety standards set by regulatory bodies.
    • Designed to withstand travel requirements, structures tend to be more durable than site built.
  • Durability:
    • Constructed of high quality Corten steel, shipping containers provide a sturdy housing-shell that is…
      • Strong – Built to be stacked up to 9 units high on ships.
      • Designed to be Durable and Weather-tight. Their steel roof, walls and supporting corners provide excellent resistance to hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and earthquakes. 
      • Corten Steel is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Affordability:
    • A commodity that is readily available world-wide, a 40’ high-cube (9.5 foot high) container can be purchased for under $5,000 per unit.  Not bad for the steel shell of a home.
    • In many cases, the costs to modify and repurpose the container will offset some of the savings.  However, significant savings in labor & materials are recognized when containers are retrofitted in an assembly-line / factory environment.  
  • Ideal for assembly line use:
    • Shipping container dimensions must be consistent world-wide in-order-to meet the criteria for ship/rail/truck transportation.
    • That consistency is perfect for an assembly line production.
  • Mobile – Built for transportation:
    • Easily transported vis ship, rail and highway.
    • No need for wide-load highway escorts. 
  • Sustainable & Energy Efficient:
    • Going Green… Used as a home, we are giving a second life to a material that would eventually be discarded or put in a landfill.
    • The steel frame provides an excellent structure for the use of solar panels, rainwater collection and other environmentally sound practices.
    • The above reduces environmental impact and provides savings in utility costs.