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Introducing the Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville:

An ambitious project set to revolutionize the future of affordable housing, Crisis Housing Solutions (CHS) has recently secured a 65-year lease on a remarkable 14-acre site nestled in Historic Eastside, strategically located at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida. Serving as both a modular housing factory and a cutting-edge research center, our initiative is driven by a strong emphasis on innovation, affordability, and green technology. Partnering with the esteemed University of Florida, and other to-be-announced universities and local colleges, the Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville stands as a beacon of hope and progress, addressing the pressing need for accessible and sustainable housing solutions. In collaboration with numerous community stakeholders, we are taking bold strides towards a brighter future, even before the center’s physical construction begins.

This 100,000+ sf modular housing factory and research center is located at 1200 Talleyrand Avenue, Jacksonville, FL in Eastside, an historic Black community dating back to the 1880’s.

In addition to recognizing significant savings in housing construction costs, the Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville is about Economic Development and will…

  • Create an estimated 80 new well-paying jobs.
  • Provide job training and apprenticeship programs for skilled technical positions.
  • Partner with state universities and local colleges to foster innovation and advancements in green technology through our “Research Center”. The University of Florida is our 1st partner.

The location is logistically perfect!

Existing rail spur access
Excellent proximity to the Port of Jacksonville, I-95 and I-10.
Enthusiastic community interest and support

Craig Vanderlaan

Co-Founder & Executive Director

“We need to fundamentally alter how housing is constructed… if this nation is going to truly address our housing crisis. Why is this country still building homes basically the same way they have over the past century? Innovation in the construction of modular housing and green technology will significantly reduce housing costs.  It’s time for a radical change!”

In collaboration with LIFT Jax, Historic Eastside CDC, and other community stakeholders, we have chosen Historic Eastside, Jacksonville FL as the ideal location for our project. This residential neighborhood, once a thriving community, still holds potential for revitalization. Despite being a hub of industry in the city, Eastside faces significant socioeconomic challenges, with nearly half (45%) of its residents living below the federal poverty level. High unemployment rates and a critical housing shortage further compound the issues faced by the community. By actively partnering with key stakeholders, our project aims to play a vital role in the revitalization efforts, working towards addressing poverty, unemployment, and housing instability in Historic Eastside.

In addition to recognizing significant savings in construction costs, the facility is about Economic Development and will:

  • Create an estimates 80-100 new jobs.
  • Provide job training and apprenticeship programs for the skilled technical positions.
  • Partner with the state universities and local colleges to foster innovation and advancements in green technology through our “Research Center.”

Partners & Sponsors

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Types of Modular Builds

(Accessory Dwelling Units, In-law Suites, etc.)
Multi-family apartments
Commercial Mixed-use
Temporary Post-Disaster
Permanent Post-Disaster
Coastal Models

The Housing Solutions Center of Jacksonville is set to make a positive impact by championing sustainable and affordable housing solutions that can be utilized in a multitude of ways, especially in the area of post-disaster housing solutions. By harnessing the versatility of shipping containers, originally designed for transporting goods, we unlock their remarkable qualities that make them ideal for creating affordable and sustainable living spaces. These containers possess inherent strength, portability, and a modular nature, providing a solid foundation for architectural creativity and customization. Embracing the potential of shipping containers paves the way for innovative design, cost-effectiveness, and environmentally friendly solutions, revolutionizing our approach to housing challenges. Through this transformative initiative, we are poised to create a lasting impact, offering sustainable and affordable housing options that address the pressing needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Success is achieved by working together

Community Collaboration

We invite community partners to join us in making this transformative project a reality. Your involvement is crucial in addressing the pressing challenges of affordable and sustainable housing in our community. Together, we can create lasting change, foster innovation, and uplift individuals and families in need. Let’s collaborate and build a future where everyone has access to safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly housing solutions.